NLP book - Parent's Handbook

Parent's Handbook

NLP & Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being

by Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC

Roger Ellerton, NLP Trainer


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Parenting not a perfect instinct
Positive thought the path to a deeper relationship: author

New parents don't get an owner's manual when they leave the hospital with their newborn child, but a Manotick author says those new moms and dads could benefit from a little learning.

Roger Ellerton's latest book is "Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being." NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming, a school of thought that suggests that if we are more self-aware, we can change patterns of behaviour.

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Ottawa Author Shows How to Improve Family Well-Being

No matter where you live, how old you are, your cultural background or beliefs, you work at being the best parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt you can.

At times, you may experience excitement and joy, while other times you may be confronted by fear, unworthiness and doubt. The "Parents' Handbook: NLP & Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being" by Ottawa author Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC, acknowledges this journey and provides insights, tips and approaches for being emotionally and physically available, improving communication, supporting your children in learning effectively at school and at home and successfully fulfilling the different roles expected of you as a parent.

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